Identifying and prioritizing health problems with the community assessment approach in Qazvin province

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Community Based Education of Health Sciences, School of Medical Education and Health technologies, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran



Background: Community health assessment is a process in which researchers achieve a proper understanding of the community
health status through the community active participation. The present study was conducted aiming to identify and prioritize
health problems of Meshkin Tappeh village with people’s direct involvement.
Methods: This study was conducted using the community assessment method in Meshkin Tappeh village in the city of Bueen
Zahra, Iran, based on the North Carolina model. One person was selected from each household, and a total of 271 people were
entered into the study. The community health assessment process was performed in 8 stages and problem prioritizing was also
carried out using Hanlon’s scoring matrix method.
Results: At the village level, 32 problems were identified in 6 areas, including problems related to health area (31.2%), municipal
services area (21.8%), educational and cultural area (15.6%), economic and employment area (12.5%), social and citizenship
rights area (12.5%), and security area (6.4%). Based on the matrix table scoring criteria, the problem of drug peddlers (15 points),
poverty and low income (14 points), dropping out of school (13 points), emergency preparedness in unexpected events (12
points), and non-financial support for many health costs (12 points) were identified as 5 main problems at the village level.
Conclusion: In this research, a broad spectrum of social, cultural, economic, and health problems were identified. Although the
selected priority for further assessment was allocated to the problem of drug peddlers, solving all these problems requires the
consultation and cooperation of all public institutions and organizations and the people.


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