Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 4, February 2014 
Stages of Mammography Adoption based on Stages of Change Model and its Relationship with Perceived Threat and Fatalism Beliefs: a study on Turkmen Women

Pages 274-284

Abdurrahman Charkazi; Afieh Samimi; Khadijeh Razaghi; Mitra Moodi; Navisa Sadat Seyedghasemi; Hashem Heshmati; Hossein Shahnazi

The Amount of Heavy Metals (Zn, Cu, Pb and Cd) in Abshineh River, Hamadan, Iran

Pages 296-304

Nasibeh Yarimoghadam; Mehrdad Cheraghi; Amirhesam Hasani; Amirhosein Javid

Light Intensity and Ultraviolet Radiation in the Libraries and Computer Sites of Ilam Universities

Pages 316-325

Rohollah Maghsoodi Moghadam; Farhad Farasati; Ali Toolabi; Zohreh Jafarzadeh